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General Meeting Minutes of October 26, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 12:35 p.m.

The minutes of the Spring 2016 General Meeting were approved with no edits or changes.

Adopt the Order of Business - The Order of Business was adopted by all present.

Day Contract Updates

Salary Increases - Members should have received salary adjustment worksheets in the mail. The first pay period of October should have included the salary increase. The second pay period of October should have included the retro pay from July 1, 2016 to present. Retro for July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 was funded by the legislature and signed by the governor and we are now waiting for the legislature to send the funding. We are waiting to hear when and it will hopefully be in November 2016.

Part Time Increases - The list of part time employees is not required until October. The delay of pay increases was due to not having the list of names. Now that the list of names has been submitted, the increase and retro should be in the November 4, 2016 paycheck.

Contract Printing and Signing of the Contract - The Day Contract is at the printer. There is usually a signing ceremony and two dates were tentatively set up, but the current President of the Union cancelled the signing ceremony. She stated that she did not want any fanfare. It was noted that there was a signing that was posted on Facebook.

Salary Grid Committee and Survey - An email just went out to all members from H.R. requesting that they complete the survey in order to help map out the grid that is being created. An additional survey will be sent out from the MCCC Union to all members to help determine what is valued most by the members and to prioritize the input.

DLR Decision - MCCC was charged with Unfair Practice by a member from Bristol Community College. The charge was that DCE rights were violated by expanding the hours that Full Time Faculty could teach. DRL's decision was that there was no foundation to the charges. The member has now filed an Appeal to that decision.

Local Issues

No Confidence Letter - where do we go from here? - Discussion of changes that came from letter. The only change is that the Director of H.R. was dismissed. That position was replaced with an interim. It was not felt that communication has gotten any better. An example was the new Retirement Policy. In the future, once you put in Retirement papers, you cannot take them back. This is different than it has been in the past. There was a discussion that at a recent Retirement Seminar, it was shared that you can change right up to the last minute. This will be looked into.

DCE MACER - There is no evidence that classes have been taken away from people. No DCE classes have been given to Full Time faculty.

Distance Ed MACER - The group was asked if anyone is interested in serving. Please contact Claudine if you are interested. There are issues that need to be discussed.

Request for Impact Bargaining - There is a request for Impact Bargaining regarding concurrent enrollment in the high schools. High school teachers are teaching college credit courses. This practice takes away work from DCE and is affecting the seniority list. There was a discussion of the difference between Dual Enrollment and Concurrent Enrollment.

Statewide Issues of Concern

SAC - Swan Gates will be attending the next meeting this week.

Adjuncts Committee - There will be a meeting on November 30, 2016. Swan Gates is our rep and while she was out on maternity leave, Claudine requested that Gail Guarino go in her place. The reply was that she could only attend as a guest and not participate and would not be reimbursed for mileage.

Committee Assignments - The Executive Committee is not being allowed to reasonably participate in the selection. Gail Guarino having served on committees for many years, volunteered to serve on two committees; the current president denied her application.

New Leadership Issues - There was a discussion about the concerns regarding the direction of the leadership of the MCCC. The new leadership is not being transparent. Many think that it is toxic and vindictive. There will be further communication shared and a possible vote of no confidence

Respectfully submitted

Mary Jenkins

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