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College Service

Faculty are required to submit a list of college service activities to be performed during  the semester. This list is completed in section 1 of Form XIII-E5 and submitted to the immediate supervisor no later than October 15 for the fall semester and February 15 for the spring semester.  Section 2 and section 3 will be completed at the end of the semester and submitted on the last day of classes.

College service activities may include:

  1. Serving as advisor to student activities;
  2. Serving on governance, ad hoc, college standing committees, system-wide task forces or committees, or labor-management committees;
  3. Preparing grant proposals;
  4. Participating in college, division, department or other related college meetings and/or activities;
  5. Participation in the improvement and development of academic programs and resources, including recruitment.
  6. Serving as a department chair/coordinator pursuant to Article XX and college-wide coordinators.

If faculty receive reassigned time to perform non-instructional activities such as department chair, curriculum development, professional development activities, or administrative (non-managerial) duties, then these activities should be listed on the College Service Activities.

11 Hours of Non-instructional Activity

College service is only one component of your non-instructional responsibilities. Faculty are assigned 3 hours per week  of advising (14-19 advisees), 4 office hours per week, and 4 college service hours per week.  These 11 hours of non-instructional activities are averages per week and should be reduced:
  1. If you are assigned more than 3 preps per semester or more than 5 preps per year (usually 2 hours for each prep over 3). 
  2. If you are assigned instructional workloads over 31 instructional hours of didactic instruction or over 33 hours of non-didactic clinical and lab instruction (proportional reduction for each hour over 31 or 33)
  3. If you have reassigned time (1 office hour is reduced for each 3 credits of reassigned time).

MCCC Negotiating Team's Position

When the 2000-2003 Contract was negotiated with an increase in instructional workloads, the MCCC Negotiating Team stated that there was an understanding at the bargaining table that attending department meetings, division meetings, all-college meetings; and serving on one (1) committee would fulfill the contractual obligation of being available for college service activities for an average of four (4) hours per week. This requirement has not changed in the 2003-2006 Contract or in the 2006-2009 Contract. In addition, the MCCC negotiators have made it clear that the purpose of the submission of this plan for college service activities to be performed is to provide the immediate supervisor with knowledge of your planned activities for the upcoming semester. The intent was not to increase college service workload; not to begin counting hours, minutes, or seconds; and not to obtain prior approval. Finally, at the end of the semester, the immediate supervisor will probably hold you accountable for the completion of all activities that you list.

More Than 3 Preps Per Semester or 5 Preps Per Year

In addition, an assignment of more than 3 preps per semester and/or more than 5 preps per year is at the faculty member's discretion.  These assignments cannot be made without faculty approval.  If you do agree to teach more than 3/5 preps, then there is usually  a 2 hour reduction in the 11 hours of non-instructional activity for each additional prep.  Your immediate supervisor may ask you to waive these non-instructional reductions and sign a Workload Reduction Waiver Form (XII-1).  This reduction waiver is  at the faculty member's discretion.  I do not recommend that faculty waive reductions - If you have an overload because you exceed the 3/5 preps, then take the reductions in non-instructional activity.

Professional Staff Off-Campus Days - The day after Thanksgiving

Article 12.04C6 - A professional staff member should request 3 off-campus days per fiscal year for participation in off-campus activities. These activities are outside those assigned as part of the regular professional staff workload. These days are basically free days for professional staff to be off campus.
There is no reporting requirement. One of these off-campus days shall be the day after Thanksgiving.

Professional staff should not be using compensation time, vacation time, or personal leave time for the day after Thanksgiving. The other 2 off-campus days may be granted in half day segments or greater. Such requests shall not be unreasonably denied.

Contract Language

Article 12.04C6 - "Upon request of a professional staff member, the President of the College or the President’s designee may assign up to three (3) days during the fiscal year in half-day segments or greater for participation in off-campus activities outside those assigned under the provisions of 12.04; one of these days shall be granted for the day following the Thanksgiving holiday. Such requests shall not be unreasonably denied."

Return of Course Materials

Immediate supervisors are required to return all course materials to faculty along with the XIII-E2 Checklist of Course Materials.  While these materials were in the possession of the immediate supervisor, the confidentiality of these materials should have been maintained and the  employer should not have distributed these materials to anyone without your permission. It is a violation of the contract for the employer to place your course materials in the personnel file, to make additional copies for desk copies, or to distribute your course materials to FT and adjunct faculty.

If any of the 10 items listed on the checklist were missing or if the immediate supervisor had concerns, the faculty member should be notified and given an opportunity to submit materials or respond to the concerns within fourteen (14) calendar days. If the missing items and/or concerns are identified,  I recommend that you respond in writing to the immediate supervisor with the updated or missing item(s) and provide your students with the updated information.

The intent of this 14 day response period serves two (2) purposes:

  1. 1. To give the faculty member the opportunity to correct an oversight without a negative comment being placed in the summary evaluation.
  2. To insure that students have all of the items on the checklist.

Please note that faculty have full freedom in the selection of course materials and if the faculty member believes that a directive from the immediate supervisor to change the course materials infringes upon academic freedom,  then the faculty member has the right to initiate the grievance process.

Tenure Eligibility and Time Lines


6 Full Years in Unit
3 Years in Current Job Function
Other Than Unsatisfactory Evaluation on Most Recent Summary Evaluation

Eligibility Notice

October 1 of 6th Regular Appointment


March 15th - Supervisor & UPPC  Recommendations
April 15th - Appropriate VP Recommendations
May 1st - President's Decision to Board of Trustees
May 20th - Tenure Notice
Tenure Appointment – 7th Year

In accordance with Article 1.01, full-time unit members on non-state appropriated funding are not eligible to receive tenure.

Workload Requirements

The workload summary sheet outlines all of the workload requirements for faculty.

By October 1,  MCCC full-time faculty and professional staff who are in their sixth year or later regular appointment should have been notified by their appropriate deans that they will be considered for tenure during this academic year.  If unit members members have not been notified, they should contact the appropriate dean or Human Resources.