DAY Contract - Heads Up!
The Day Negotiating Team is meeting with the management team. The Team is fighting an uphill battle to achieve a respectful, fair contract. We may need collective action to get a fair contract.

Advantages of MCCC/MTA/NEA Membership

You are protected by a $1 million insurance policy that protects against lawsuits connected to your employment You do not receive this coverage
You are eligible to receive free legal advice and representation covering employment discrimination, unemployment, retirement, civil rights violations, privacy issues, and workers compensation. You are not eligible to receive free legal services
You are entitled to assistance in defraying legal costs incurred in defending against charges of crimes alleged to have occurred in the course of your employment You are not eligible to receive this assistance
You are covered by the Union contract and receive help with all matters covered by the collective bargaining agreements You are covered in the same manner
You can vote in all Union elections and on contract ratifications You can only vote on contract ratifications
You can hold Union office and participate on union committees such as the Adjunct Committee You cannot hold Union office or participate in Union governance
You benefit from MTA Benefits including discounts on auto, home, and life insurances, mortgage financing, vision care and tax preparation. You have access to reduced admission to museums, theaters, and recreation areas. You are excluded from MTA Benefits